How I cured my seborrheic dermatitis

[“Cured” is not the medically correct term, since it implies it’s never coming back. The correct term would be “remission” but I don’t imagine many people are searching for “How I put my seb derm into remission…”, so I think I can help more folks by using “cured”. ]

I’ve had problems with sebborrheic dermatitis since I was a teenager. The symptoms (scaling, redness) would come and go, but were gradually getting worse.

When I was first diagnosed I used dandruff shampoo, which helped some, the the coal tar stuff, which helped more but stank to hell. Eventually I was prescribed Nizoral which was great in the beginning but lost its effectiveness over time. This would be the way with everything I subsequently used: wonderful at first, then almost no effect after extended use.

Things I used: Head and Shoulders, Coal Tar, Nizoral OTC, Nizoral RX, Ciclopirox ($$$$!!), Ketoconazole foam, Elidel, Protopic.

All of the above worked to varying degrees but eventually stopped working and they all had concerning side effects.

Though I tend to be skeptical of internet cures, I was getting desperate, so I started Googling “natural cures for seborrheic dermatitis.” A lot of folks recommended apple cider vinegar. It did help some but smelled weird and required a lot of maintenance. Finally I found a post that recommended eating garlic. This sounded like bullshit to me, but it was cheap (like 1 dollar) to try and what did I have to lose?

The garlic worked! I peeled and ate about 1/3 of a clove and within 24-48 hours the redness around my nose disappeared and my chest patches cleared. Even the redness around my lips (which is incredibly treatment-resistant and gives the embarrassing impression Ive been slurping Kool-aid) had disappeared.

After a week or so of eating the garlic at bedtime, I became a little complacent. I had no garlic for about 4-5 days and my symptoms returned. I went back on the garlic and I’ve been nearly symptom-free for a couple months.

It turns out garlic contains sulfur-based anti-fungal chemicals that have powerful anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties (not unlike the topical coal tar products). Yes, it smells a little but there are ways to mitigate that.

I know this isn’t my usual post-type, but I’m hoping it will help others. Garlic is cheap and effective. Give it a try!

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    1. chrisjjansen Post author

      Yes, it does still work. I don’t use it every day.. Maybe once a week. I break a clove into pieces and swallow a few whole at night. No issue with odor. Best wishes.


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