Work Toward Knowing

Butler University Professor Emeritus James Watt brings a lifetime of love and scholarship to the difficult subject of William Blake and his work. Watt's book is not just more Blake criticism, or more literary criticism in general, but a radically different and powerfully personal way of seeing the great poet and artist. Watt's book is a revelation which uses Blake to draw the reader into harmony with self and world-and of course, Blake.

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These versions of Rumi's spiritual poems were created from original manuscripts transcribed by Fatima Saidi, a native of Ghazni, Afghanistan. Rumi's wily spiritual wisdom and timeless advice shines through on every page.

"Chris and Fatima make a powerful and brave pair of translators." ~Coleman Barks

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100 Love Sonnets

100 Love Sonnets (Cien Sonetos de Amor) translated by Chris Jansen. This is a contemporary rendering of a timeless classic. Full of passion, intensity, and transcendent love.

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